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Arasha Rainforest Spa

The Arasha Rainforest Resort and Spa opened in 2002 and has quickly proven itself to be the best option for clients looking to visit the rainforest while maintaining a high level of accommodation and service. Arasha is surrounded by lush vegetation, tropical fruits, plants and trees, flowers, birds, and local fauna. Two rivers cross the property, which makes swimming an easy option. The average temperature is 76°F or 23°C.

Arashais much more than a tropical forest resort and spa in Ecuador, and more than the exotic and delicious fruit of this unique region, which has been the inspiration for its name.

Arasha is a state of mind offering its guests a glimpse at the richness and tranquility of this most fragile region through: 

  • Multiple rich experiences and activities
  • Impeccable personalized service
  • Exquisite cuisine 
  • Finest tropical comfort

It is located less than two hours from Quito (Ecuador), in the middle of the richest and most biodiverse "Hot Spot" on the globe. With its ecologically sensitive bungalows, Arasha offers its guests the possibility to relax and enjoy the tranquility of this fragile region with the finest in the tropical comfort.

From having a stress-relieving aromatic massage, to participating in any one of our many educational Eco-tours, to making chocolate out of cacao seeds Arasha is an experience that appeals to all senses

Recognized several times by prestigious international tourism organizations as the finest resort in Ecuador, Arasha has now been honored internationally for its impeccable personalized service, exquisite cuisine, and exceptional accommodations. Once here, guests are sure to find life's poetry in every corner of this unique paradise. 


  • Biodiversity "Hot Spots" are unique places on earth, set apart by exceptional levels of plant endemism and by serious levels of habitat loss. In order to qualify as a "hotspot", a region must meet two, very strict criteria.
  • First, it must contain at least 1,500 species of vascular plants as endemics
  • Second, it must have lost at least 70% of its original habitat.

Considering this criteria Arasha is located in the richest “Hot Spot” on the globe, with more than 35.000 species of plants (approx. 10% of the species found on the planet) and more than 50% are endemic to this area. This area also contains the largest variety of amphibians in the world, with over 664 distinct species and around 500 species of birds (most of them are endemic). At Arasha you can birdwatch over 150 species of birds. Arasha is fully aware of this delicate issue and upon your visit, you will see the multiple conservation efforts that they have implemented as an organization and family.

At Arasha you can enjoy on your own: 

  • Hummingbird Farm and Sanctuary
  • White Sands Beach along our Negrito Creek 
  • Discover the World of Yoga
  • Fish for Your Dinner!
  • Ecologically Friendly 18 Hole Mini Putt-Putt Golf Course
  • Amenities & Game Room
  • Listen to the magical sounds of a marvelous organ (Private session on request)
  • Tropical Fruit Orchard

Guided Tours at Arasha

Our guided tours offer a range of physical exertion and our staff can help guests to choose activities appropriate for their level of physical fitness

  • The World of Organic fruits and vegetables
  • Health benefits of natural juices and exotic fruits workshop
  • Medicinal plants workshop
  • Primary Forest Tour of Macallares
  • Nocturnal Tour of Secondary Forest with Torches
  • Birding from our Mirador
  • Waterfalls and Lagoons Tours
  • Wild Orchids Guide you to the River Caoni
  • Chocolate Factory
  • Artisan Factory; Making earrings, rings, and much more!
  • Exotic flowers arrangement workshop
  • Complete body & spiritual cleansing with a Colorado Shaman at Arasha

Tours to nearby locations

  • Tour of the Cloud Forest's in Mindo Valley visiting the Hummingbird Sanctuary, Butterfly Farm, Orchid Gardens, River tubing
  • Guided Tour Tsachila's Cultural Town - Two hour drive each way plus 1 hour stay (Santo Domingo de Los Colorados Native Indians)

Birdwatching at the Primary Forest Jaramillo

Organic Farm & Primary Forest Ali Alpa 

Mindo bird watching (Early morning departure & return to Arasha by 10:00 am)

Soft River Adventures: Rio Blanco White Water Rafting, Kayaking (License  or Previous introductory course required), Tubing in Rio Caoni (November - may / no children under 8) Minimum 4 persons!

Spa treatments

Enjoy finding your internal peace through natural oils and essences that will delicately balance all of your senses.

Facial Treatments

Rejuvenating Antioxidant Facial

Stress Relieving Facial  

Revitalizing Facial

Gentlemen´s Facial 

Body Treatments

Body massage with aromatherapy

Aromatic detoxifing warm body wrap

Foot massage with reflexology techniques

Body massage with aromatherapy

Relaxing back massage with aromatherapy

Deep massage of neck and head


Discover how through state of the art, ground breaking technology, you will reach the highest levels of tranquility and serenity through our exclusive Alphapacer treatments.

Touch of heaven (Hidrotherapy, body wrap, body massage, facial)  Journey to serenity ( Hidrotherapy, stress relieving facial, hand and foot reflexology)

Perfect Father (Hidrotherapy, body massage, men's facial)

Tropical Magic (Hidrotherapy, body exfolation, facial mask, body massage)

Pretty Woman (Hidrotherapy, hot cloths, exfolation, exotic shower, body massage, fresh facial) 

Honey Moon (Hidrotherapy, body exfolation with natural mud, body massage)   Natural Harmony (Hidrotherapy, body exfoliation, aromatic bath, body massage, alphapacer)

Forest Secrets (Hidrotherapy,  body hydratation with natural mud, deep cleasing, foot massage)


Wheel chair accessibility is available.


Arasha counts with 27 deluxe, ecologically sensitive bungalows, each bungalow has two rooms, of one of the following types:

Type Q rooms (11) - one queen-sized bed

Type T rooms (31) - two twin beds

Suite (4) - one queen size bed, minibar, and bathroom decorated with black stone walls. The suites are at the highest point in the resort, offering fabulous views of the surrounding area.

APresidential Suite (1) - one king size bed, minibar, Jacuzzi and living room. In total we offer accommodations for up to 120 guests in 47 rooms. All rooms are luxuriously decorated and include ample closets, original paintings, dresser, spacious and elegantly designed bathroom with both bath and shower units.


Pool fed from spring water with waterfall, pool bar and sun bathing chairs.

Whirlpool for 18 persons located inside a grotto

Restaurant El Bosque: Arasha offers over 30 plates in our menu, both National and International dishes, as well as special dishes such as vegetarian and gluten free.

Hotaru - Japanese-Asian gourmet restaurant

Choco Bar - a colorful and well stocked bar with a large wine selection and tropical drinks and cocktails.

Theater/Auditorium for live shows and movies

Cayapas Dancing Hall and Karaoke Bar Professional Spa

128 acres equivalent to 52 hectares of primary and secondary forests.

Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador