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By andres - 11/8/2016 Madre Tierra means mother earth, and it is the name of a Hotel & Spa near to Vilcabamba. Madre Tierra which is recognized for the longevity of its citizens.

By andres - 11/8/2016 Ecuador is one of the countries with more biodiversity per square meters. However, the Ecuadorian Amazon is still a hidden jewel for many travelers. That´s why, many Amazon Lodges have been developed. Sacha Lodge is one of them and it stands up as one of the best lodges in the deepest rainforest.

By andres - 11/8/2016 Ecuador offers many options to stay for travelers. Some of these types of accommodations are the Haciendas. One of these places nearby the Chimborazo Volcano is Hacienda Hosteria La Andaluza. This ancient house received the liberating procer Simon Bolivar during his traveling from the north.

By andres - 11/8/2016 Surrounded by the Cotopaxi Volcano, there is located Hacienda Santa Ana. It is just 1 ½ hour away from Quito and very close to the volcano. This ancient Hacienda with many years of history offers a breathtaking lodge for travelers.

Rincon de Puembo
By andres - 10/10/2016 Less than an hour away from Quito and near to the International Airport, it is possible to find Rincon del Puembo Hosteria. The hotel has a wide range of services from suites, matrimonial, and twin rooms, as well as houses for families.

Hacienda Rumiloma
By andres - 10/10/2016 Only a few minutes away from the capital city of Quito, there is Hacienda Rumiloma. This hotel is the perfect combination of luxury, nature, altitude, gastronomy, relaxation, and sounds.

The Galapagos Seaman Journey
By andres - 10/10/2016 Galapagos is without a doubt a paradise for many travelers. Not only for its fragile and rare ecosystem but also for its pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Hotel Plaza Grande Quito
By andres - 10/10/2016 Quito, as the first city declared as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, is definitely a place to visit for many travelers. So, one of the ways to experience the city and its heritage is staying in the historical district of Quito. Thus, it is common to find many ancient mansions converted into hotels with a touch of history and arts.

Grand Victoria Hotel Boutique Loja
By andres - 10/10/2016 Loja is one of the important cities of Ecuador. This friendly city at the south of the country was very important in the past. It used to be at the same level of Quito and Guayaquil, due to the gold mine exploitation nearby the city.

Volcano Land - Hacienda El Porvenir
By andres - 10/10/2016 At 3.600m (11.808 ft) height, we can found Hacienda El Porvenir by Volcano Land. This lovely hacienda is surrounded by the Sincholaqua, Pasochoa, Rumiñahui, and Cotopaxi. From here is the best place to arrange your expedition to the last volcano mentioned. This amazing place, offer us not only an astonishing view but also peaceful landscapes and adrenaline expeditions at the same time.

Playa Escondida Eco Lodge
By andres - 9/7/2016 Near to Atacames on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, there is a pristine beach, completely off the beaten track. Playa Escondida Eco Lodge is a 100-hectare reservoir dedicated to protecting the fragile ecosystem of this semi-tropical forest from the commercial touristic activities among other threatens.

4 Volcanoes Lodge
By andres - 9/7/2016 Could you imagine to be surrounded by 4 volcanoes and love it? Well, this is going to happen if you are staying in 4 Volcanoes, Lodge. Located in the Imbabura Province, at 90 minutes away from Quito and very close to the border with Colombia.

Hosteria Izhcayluma
By andres - 9/7/2016 Hosteria Izhcayluma opens up the gate of a stress-free zone for their guest. Located in the Sacred Valley of Vilcabamba, this hotel offers a great service with wonderful facilities where relaxing is a must for everybody.

Umbria Hacienda Gourmet
By andres - 9/6/2016 Surrounded by four mountains, El Corazón, Rumiñahui, Ilinizas, and Cotopaxi, is Umbria Hacienda Gourmet. The hotel is near to Machachi, at the top of a small hill within evergreen and grassland.

Anakonda Amazon River Cruise
By andres - 9/5/2016 The Anakonda River Cruise is the first class ship that navigates the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest. Cruising aboard of this boat is mandatory for those passengers willing to live a unique experience in the middle of the world lung.

Hacienda Chillo Jijon
By andres - 9/5/2016 Hacienda Chillo Jijon is an excellent and exclusive option to stay in an ancient Hacienda within few minutes from Quito. Built in 1730 with almost 300 years of history that surrounds this lovely property. The house is part of the same family, so it´s not only beauty and history, it´s also heritage. Chillo Jijon welcome visitors up to 20 guests under reservation only. It is not open for walk-ins or general passengers. 

Mansion del Rio Hotel
By andres - 9/2/2016 Guayaquil is the Economic Capital of Ecuador, located on the banks Guayas River. At the top of this warm city, Barrio Las Peñas was the place where the city started to be built on the slopes of Cerro Santa Ana. This ancient neighborhood defended the city from the pirate attacks in the past centuries.

Hacienda La Carriona
By andres - 9/2/2016 Located approximately 30 minutes away from Quito´s Airport and the Historic City Center, it’s Sangolqui town, one of the many small towns in Los Chillos Valley. Here, we can stay in an ancient Hacienda with more than 200 years of history, Hacienda la Carriona.

Hakuna Matata Lodge
By andres - 8/19/2016 The Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest is a very rich ecosystem that captures the attention of many international and domestic travelers willing to experience the nature, the wildlife by living a jungle adventure. For these type of tourist looking to have a unique trip to the Amazonia without going deeper in the forest, Hakuna Matata Lodge is ideal.

Hosteria Hacienda La Cienega
By andres - 8/19/2016 This magnificent Hacienda dates from the 17th Century. Since then, this property has been involved in many stories and it is an important part of the Ecuadorian history. Some of the personalities that stayed at Hacienda La Cienega are the three French scientists that measured the earth and calculated the equator. Another important scientist that stayed at La Cienega was Alexander von Humboldt during its expedition in Ecuador with Bonpland and Montufar. It was in that visit when he said that:

Estrella del Chimborazo
By andres - 8/19/2016 At the foothill of the spectacular Chimborazo Volcano, the Ecuador’s highest volcano with 6.310 m.a.s.l. we can find the exclusive Mountain Lodge “Estrella del Chimborazo Lodge”. This unique accommodation is a combination of the traditional vernacular architecture of modern comfort and services.

Chuquiragua Lodge
By andres - 8/19/2016 Immersed in the middle of the Ecuadorian mountain range, and surrounded by beautiful landscapes and volcanoes, we can find The Chuquiragua Lodge in the Andean town of "El Chaupi", at 3.250 m.a.s.l., and within Natural Reserve Ilinizas. Once we are here, we will experience the best accommodation in the area, for a quiet and restful break with excellent service, food, and activities.

By andres - 8/10/2016 Hotel "El Crater" is in the midst of nature, with a unique view into the crater of the volcano Pululahua and accompanied by a touch of history and elegance. The crater of Pululahua is an inactive volcano with a variety of crops, fruit and vegetable producers. If you are looking for this type of combination this hotel is the answer. It is located in the viewpoint of the crater "Pululahua" volcano, just 30 minutes from the city of Quito and 5 minutes from the Middle of the World.

By andres - 8/15/2016 15 minutes away from Cuenca´s historic downtown, it´s located, Hosteria Duran. This boutique hotel has lots of history. The house was originally built in the 1930´s by Don Ricardo Duran the grandfather of the traditional family. Nonetheless, in the 1980´s was built the actual hotel as an exquisite option for those looking to relax and have a nice place to stay nearby Cuenca, but without the crowd. 

By andres - 8/5/2016 If you want to be Immersed in the Richness of Culture, surrounded by different kinds of activities in Quito, enjoying an excellent accommodation and facilities full of comfort, "City Art Hotel Silberstein" is the place.

By andres - 8/5/2016 About an hour and a half from Quito, Hacienda Pinsaqui is located at the foot of the Volcano Imbabura and in the heart of the province of Ibarra, best known as the “Province of the Lakes”. A mix of culture, history, and unique atmosphere; is where you will find in this beautiful place.

By andres - 7/28/2016 If we want to be immersed in the richness and tranquility of the tropical rainforest enjoying a luxury accommodation and facilities full of comfort, preserving the fragile environment, Arashá Resort & Spa is the place.

By andres - 7/28/2016 Quito is definitely more than its churches, convents and museums. Quito´s suburbs still keep the colonial and republican air on its streets and houses. San Marcos is one of this Barrios (neighborhood), seductive and culturally active, located near to the Santo Domingo Church at the Junin Street.

By andres - 7/13/2016 Just 3 hours away from Quito, we can find the Hacienda Abraspungo, near to Riobamba in the central Andes of the Ecuador, an obligated destination for many travelers looking forward to visiting some of the highest mountains in the Ecuador such as the Chimborazo (6.310 Mts.), the Altar (5.404 Mts.), the Sangay (5.320 Mts.) or the Tungurahua (5.087 Mts.).

By andres - 7/13/2016 Dark rivers, several birds, primates, reptiles and large mammals’ species are the biodiversity that can be found at the Añangu Reserve of the Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here in the middle of the rainforest, it is located the finest lodge Napo Wildlife Center, which is the best example of community–based ecotourism project.

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