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Hacienda Chillo Jijon

Hacienda Chillo Jijon is an excellent and exclusive option to stay in an ancient Hacienda within few minutes from Quito. Built in 1730 with almost 300 years of history that surrounds this lovely property. The house is part of the same family, so it´s not only beauty and history, it´s also heritage. Chillo Jijon welcome visitors up to 20 guests under reservation only. It is not open for walk-ins or general passengers. 

As soon as the guest enters into the Hacienda will feel part of the family. There are 20 acres of green land, animals, and history. This lovely accommodation has 10 exquisite suites with fine furniture, private bathroom, and amenities. Everything surrounded by and exquisite colonial art decoration. Additionally, staying here includes lodging, meals, drinks, and the activities. Some of them are horse riding, cycling and walking paths and tennis courts.

Hacienda Chillo Jijon is ideal for travelers who wants to experience the colonial reminiscence as well as being enchanted by the corridors and patios, the exotic gardens and woods or just feeling the warmth of its private fireplace suites.  



Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador