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Hotel Plaza Grande Quito

Quito, as the first city declared as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, is definitely a place to visit for many travelers. So, one of the ways to experience the city and its heritage is staying in the historical district of Quito. Thus, it is common to find many ancient mansions converted into hotels with a touch of history and arts.

One of the iconic places to visit is the Golden Leaf Church of La Compania, the Cathedral or the Carondelet Palace. There is also the Contemporary Art Center of Quito with great expositions of modern arts. Another important museum to visit is the City Museum. Here it is possible to find an interesting mixed between history and contemporary art. This museum is at the beginning of the iconic road of La Ronda, the entertainment area of the city center.

La Ronda has an interesting history since the Inca period. But, it was during the colonialism that this road became the home of many artists. It was the bohemian district of Quito, with many bars and canteens. Nowadays, the road flourished as the artistic district of the city. It offers to the traveler great restaurant and bars where to eat and drink. Also, at La Ronda are many shops and workshops like the wooden toys craft, the Guayasamin store or the interesting Ice Cream Shop. At this shop, it is possible to taste interesting and exotic flavors of ice cream. Try the avocado flavor, or the golden berries and tree tomatoes, among others flavors.

Staying at the city center of Quito is an amazing experience full of art, history, customs, and crafts. Thus, for those looking forward to having a classy and luxurious touch of the Quito downtown. The Plaza Grande Hotel with its suites and gourmet restaurants will blow your mind.

The Hotel Plaza Grande is a well-known and recognized hotel worldwide by its high standards of services. It is located at the Independence Square where the Carondelet Palace is. The hotel is a walking distance of the ancient Cathedral of Quito, the Basilica of National Vow, or San Francisco Temple, among other places.

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