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Playa Escondida Eco Lodge

Near to Atacames on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, there is a pristine beach, completely off the beaten track. Playa Escondida Eco Lodge is a 100-hectare reservoir dedicated to protecting the fragile ecosystem of this semi-tropical forest from the commercial touristic activities among other threatens.

The uniqueness of this hotel comes from the exclusive site and the experience that guests may live during the stay in this lodge. The nearest town is 9 miles away from the beach, so passengers will have an astonishing view of this hidden beach with surfs facilities as well as safety, privacy.

Playa Escondida Ecological Refuge has a capacity up to 30 guests, accommodated in double rooms or familiar cabins (double bed + two twin beds or triple room). Every room has a balcony with hammocks to enjoy the Pacific Ocean or the forest view. Also, each cabin has its own private bathroom.

For bird watcher, the forest offers them an ideal place to watch a great variety of bird’s species. Imagine how it is to wake up early in the morning hearing the sound of the surfs in the beach while the cacophony of the parrots sounds in the forest. Some of the birds that surround Playa Escondida Lodge in its forest are Hummingbirds, Sandpipers, Kingfishers, Parakeets, Masked Tyrants, among others.

If you like to explore, the deep forest is Ideal for hiking up. During the period between June and September, it is possible to watch whales frolicking, and it is also possible to watch the Giant Tortoises laying their eggs in the shelter of the bay.

Playa Escondida is a jewel hidden from the crowd waiting for you to visit this pristine beach.

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