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Umbria Hacienda Gourmet

Surrounded by four mountains, El Corazón, Rumiñahui, Ilinizas, and Cotopaxi, is Umbria Hacienda Gourmet. The hotel is near to Machachi, at the top of a small hill within evergreen and grassland.

Guest will be able to have an unforgettable experience at Hacienda Gourmet. Thanks to the cozy environments in its rooms, social areas and surroundings.

Imagine yourself waking up and watching the sun rising into the Andean mountain while you are on the bed. This Hacienda is more than an exclusive lodge experience. It´s being able to have a closer view of local customs and traditions.

The Umbria Hacienda has a wide range of activities for its guests. Some of these are horse riding, trekking, cycling or just walking into the forest. Definitely, the hotel is ideal for passengers willing to visit the Cotopaxi National Park.

Umbria Hacienda Gourmet is an exquisite combination of nature, wildlife, traditional customs, and luxury. Ah! Don´t forget the gourmet touch that delights exigent travelers. 



Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador