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Estrella del Chimborazo adventure lodge

Nestled at the foot of Chimborazo, Ecuador’s highest volcano (6.310 meters) and the furthest point from the center of the earth, is our unique and exclusive Mountain Lodge Estrella del Chimborazo (Chimborazo Hill Star) located at Chimborazo Base Camp. The Historical “Tambo de Totorillas” (a roadside inn) was once located in this place, along the old “Royal Road” between Guayaquil and Quito. We have rebuilt this inn, combining its traditional vernacular architecture with modern comfort and services that now we offer in this lodge.  This camp is the center of our Chimborazo related activities at 4,000 meters of altitude, a place where our customers may rest, eat and acclimatize confortably.

This is a new concept on lodging with great comfort and excellent services, all in the solitude and beauty of the mountain. 

The Adventure lodge is adorned with photographs and drawings of Chimborazo's natural history

The Estrella del Chimborazo is for the exclusive use of our guests and it by far the most comfortable and equipped refuge in Ecuador. In addition to the accomodations mentioned, the refuge uses fresh run-off water from Chimborazo for drinking and bathing, and has a full kitchen for proper cooking. The center of the refuge is a generous fire-place which warms the entire refuge and provides solace for achy bodies.
The Estrella del Chimborazo is named after a common hummingbird endemic in the Chimborazo area and it is our emblem.  This is the ideal place to acclimatize and go on excursions, walks and climbs in the area.  Guests have the opportunity to see llamas and alpacas up close as they graze and frolick in the camp surroundings.  We are working to re-introduce these animals to the valley where they once were numerous.



The sight of snow-capped pinnacles along the "Avenue of the Volcanoes" piercing clear blue skies, cannot help but tempt climbers of all levels. In the northern part of Ecuador, over 200 volcanic elevations are symmetrically aligned atop the Andes ranges, most of them are easily accessible within hours from Quito. Over ten mountains are covered year round with glaciers and their altitudes are above 5000 meters.

Professional mountain guides can be provided to climb to the summits of the Chimborazo and Carihuayrazo, along with naturalist guides for high mountain and wasteland excursions in the mountains areas and in the páramo. Also porters and guide assistants professionally trained in mountain climbing, placing of fixed ropes and in all prevention and rescue techniques accompany the mountain climbing clients to the summits and they can return with those who do not feel able to continue with the climb.

Technical Equipment:

The refuge has fixed and fastening cords; ice, rock and snow clamps, sledge hammers and complete oxygen equipment to use for emergencies.

Rental Equipment:

Crampons, ice-axes, harnesses, mountain boots and other accessories.


Trekking in the Andean highlands offers an adventure, nature and culture packed experience, which will immerse you in the fabulous Ecuadorian culture while providing extensive coverage of some of the country's most interesting trekking destinations.

Treks departing from Estrella del Chimborazo

  • Volcanos and Glaciers
  • Abraspungo valley
  • Inca trail
  • Polylepis forest


Expeditions can be tailored to a variety of tastes. Among those offered are expeditions to the Sangay National Park to climb Ecuador's most active volcano "El Reventador" and expeditions to other mountains in the area like the Altar with its 9 peaks and green colored crater lake.

Special expeditions can also be arranged to observe the flora and fauna in the various ecological environments at different altitudes of Ecuador.

  • Sangay expedition
  • Altar expedition



Next to our mountain refuge  a few meters from the creek, we have built two cabins and we named them “Condor and Curiquingue” like two of the andean birds.

The construction was made by using materials from the region and preserving the native architecture from the wasteland. Each cabin has four double bedrooms, two full bathrooms - one per floor - and a small family room with a wonderful view.

The cabins are decorated with beautiful ceramic tiles, wooden structures and floors, and with photographs, engravings and objects from the Natural and Alpine History of the Chimborazo. Each bedroom is named after a famous mountaineer, scientist or traveler from the XIX Century, that once visited this mountain.

Our lodging capacity

  • 8 double bedrooms, 4 per cabin / 2 per floor
  • 4 full bathrooms: 1 per floor shared by two bedrooms
  • Electricity, Hot Water, Heating


There is capacity for 30 persons in the dining room. National and international cuisine is served.

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