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Hacienda Hato Verde colonial estate

Hato Verde is to be found in the Cotopaxi province, an hour and a half south of Quito along the Latacunga highway. The Hacienda is a few minutes south of the main entrance to the Cotopaxi National Park, in plain view of the volcanoes.

For innumerable ages, the plains of the south face of Cotopaxi have been famous for natural beauty and productivity. The microclimate that exists there has played host to countless human settlements and many diverse cultural developments most of which are still in existence and can be seen in the artisan markets and popular festivals.

During colonial times, this region was divided into large estates and lately, into fixes Haciendas (country estates) who had their own land to maintain which continues to this day. Hato Verde is part of this rich tradition whose house had been remodelled by the current owners in strict keeping with original materials and techniques. Now we can appreciate the impeccable masonary work on the walls, developing the colonial-cum-rustic style of the region. This generates a warm and inviting atmosphere with all the comforts and necessities of a boutique hotel.


The extensive hectares that surround the south face of Cotopaxi is the ideal location to enjoy this area of magnificent natural beauty with walks or horse-riding treks. Adults and children alike can enjoy the animals or simply relaxing in the outstanding surroundings. Hato Verde lets people take advantage of the tranquil location so that they can relax from the strains of the city. It is the ideal location to relax and to cleanse your soul and your health.

From the Hacienda, one can take advantage of the private entrance to the volcano that the Hacienda owns. It is private because the only tourists allowed through this entrance are those who are staying at Hato Verde. From the Hacienda, one can embark on tours either on horses or in vehicle towards the volcano. The park is free of pollution that plagues the cities.

In the surrounding area, there are many important tourist attractions such as the markets and indigenous groups of Saquisilí, Latacunga, Pujilí and Ambato, aswell as the picturesque lakes of Yambo, Anteojos and Quilotoa.


The Mora Bowen family, experts in the history and tradition of fine cuisine, excellent hospitality and bon viveur as the original owners of the Hacienda, their vast experience is passed on to the guests who share in this exceptional lifestyle that the family enjoy.


In keeping with the original style of the old house, we have designed six luxurious rooms, each one with private bathroom and fireplace. The meticulous design employed in each room includes extremely comfortable beds with goose-feather pillows and duvets which certainly increase the sense of wellbeing in the rooms and will guarantee you a good night's sleep. Just think of yourself in one of our beautiful rooms enjoying all of this with the rolling pastures of the fertile slopes surround you.

The house can accomodate a maximum of fifteen people in comfort, elegance and tranquility.


  • The hacienda's gardens coupled with the spectacular countryside of the Andes creates the perfect relaxing atmosphere.
  • Restaurant: Home made yet fine cuisine. While the hours pass in the living rooms, fine cuisine is being prepared in the kitchen and delicious tea and coffee is available around the clock.
  • The living rooms with welcoming fireplaces
  • The kitchen with firewood oven; perfect for making home-made bread and pizzas.
  • The library-bar where one can while away the evening with an esquisite bottle of wine or a selection of fine spirits while soothing background music creates an atmosphere where the hours just melt away.

This atmosphere is created to make your stay at Hato Verde a relaxing, tranquil and above all, a memorable one.

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