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Hacienda Yanahurco adventure lodge

Hacienda Yanahurco is located on the eastern slopes of the Cotopaxi volcano (the highest active volcano in the world) and is surrounded by the Cotopaxi National Park and the Antisana Ecological Reserve.

Hacienda Yanahurco is the largest Andean mountain ranch and private wildlife refuge in Ecuador (approx. 24 750 hectares / 73 00 acres). It is the only private refuge of this size in the Andes, and is, therefore, a sanctuary for a number of endangered species such as the magnificent Andean condor and the rare spectacle bear. Hacienda Yanahurco, which is open to a limited number of tourists, is also run as a cattle ranch, so visitors can really experience the Andean way of life.

The main habitats within this area are cloud forest, upper- montane forest and paramo (high altitude grassland).

The Yanahurco Hacienda also contains a number of species in danger of extinction, including the Andean Bear (Tremarctos ornatus), condor (Vultur gryphus), Andean tapir (Tapirus pinchaque), puma (Puma concolor), Dwarf deer (Pudu mephistophiles) and the mountain cat (Oncifelis colocolo) to name but a few.

Yanahurco is a unique place where truly wild animals are easily spotted. Animals frequently seen are the Andean Bear, Condors, foxes (Pseudalopex culpaeus), eagles (Geranoaetus melanoleucus), white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and wild horses We would appreciate your comments and suggestions on this idea.

We run several day programs and a rodeo every year in November.

Our private ecological mountain reserve encompasses the picturesque Sebretana Waterfalls, the Sebretana Cliffs, and the Contadero Meadows.

Hacienda Yanahurco is the perfect blend of peace and harmony, offering the most exciting adventures, awe inspiring landscapes, the best highland horses, and an abundance of wildlife and birds of the Andes in a totally non-polluted atmosphere. This beautiful ranch is a place where the owners and staff guard and protect nature; and preserve the traditional Andean way of life.

Yanahurco is today, as it was a century ago, but now it is completely safe, comfortable and offering the best services to its guests.

Yanahurco is:

  • a private ecological reserve
  • pure water, pure air, pure nature
  • a wildlife sanctuary for condors, spectacled bears, deer, wolves, tapirs, pumas
  • a paradise for anglers, with 19 rivers and streams and a lake
  • a dreamland for horseback riding
  • a prime land for hiking, trekking and mountain biking
  • spectacular views of andean landscapes
  • a bird watchers heaven: humming birds, various species of eagle, andean gulls, andean lapwings and the "King of the Andes", the great condor
  • a place of the past, of "vaqueros" (cowboys) and wild toros, of peace and harmony or exiting adventures
  • located only 60 miles from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, surrounded by the fantastic mountains Cotopaxi, Antisana, Sincholagua and Quilindaña
  • the largest andean mountain ranch of Ecuador (73.000 a.) at 11500ft-13800 ft a.s.l. with 2000 head of cattle, 100 riding horses and 200 wild horses
  • a small exclusive operation for eco tourism with emphasis on personalized service
  • The "Galapagos of the Andes"


At hacienda Yanahurco we offer customized itineraries for a wide variety of adventures and nature experiences. "With our project we help nature survive" 

The Andean Condor Watch

With this new program operated by Hacienda Yanahurco we can guarantee up to 90% chance to have spectacular views of this magnificent bird. We have located Andean Condor nesting and resting sites there.

The endangered Stectacled Bear Sighting

Among the rarest of all andean fauna species is the endangered Spectacled or Black Andean Bear. Over the Eastern portion of the Ranch, there is maybe the most pristine cloud forest accesible to man. It is inhabited by the mountain Tapir and the Spectacled Bear and a rare variety of bird species.

The Andean Black Bear sighting program does not guarantee close-up picture opportunities but offers a very good chance to sight bear in their natural habitat. Operated only weather permitting, best time of the year is from October through March.

Chorrera waterfall tour

Tour the waterfall and surroundings, fishing. Visit the magnificent cliffs of Vicious Valley's river, where condors nest.

Hike to our private lake

Visit the Lagoon via Dead man's rock and through the last counterforts of the Eastern Andes Cordillera (Cimarrones). Enjoy fishing and hiking through Cimarrones' rainforest. Aslo visit the rainforest via Sebretana's cliffs to see the magnificent condors. 

Hacienda tour

Acclimatization, fishing or recreation. Attendance to typical cow milking (optional). Horseback ridings or hiking, depending on the wishes and physical conditions of the guests. Options: Dead man´s rock, arms square, contadero lookout point, Torriuco, Vicious Valleu river, Sebretana cliffs, Fishing in the rivers of the surrounding area.

Group tours

For company outings, celebrations and conventions, the YANAHURCO Hacienda offers its installations and services for specific programs, in coordination with the companies requesting this kind of service. For this type of event, YANAHURCO can organize bullfighting festivals (without killing the bulls), with the help and participacion of bullfigters and their assistants. Bar and restaurant services, local music bands, fireworks, overnight accommodations, fishing, dancing, rock-ola music, C.D. player, etc. will be included.  

Andean rodeo

Every year, approx. at the end of November, The YANAHURCO Hacienda undertakes the largest roundup of the Ecuadorian - Sierra, where the cattle of the Hacienda are rounded up with the assistance of about 100 cowboys during a two-week period.

About 2000 heads of cattle are driven down to the ranch and, on the last day, herded into large corrals for vaccination, branding, and couting. Tourists can actively participate in this unique event, accompanying the cowboys on their long daily rides, or simply watch from afar the strenuous task of roundin up the cattle and admire the cowboys expert horse-riding, their dexterity with ropes and lassos, and their typical attire. 

Camping in the reserve

The YANAHURCO Hacienda has assigned a special site for those who wish to go camping. This campsite will provide the group (minimum 5 persons) with all the comfort and security they need for a pleasant, quiet, comfortable and unforgettable stay. The hacienda is a private property carefully managed at all times. Thus, ensuring the privacy of its visitors. 

Horseback riding

Imagine yourself riding through the highlands, green hills, limitless skies, majestic snow covered volcanoes at the horizon. A herd of wild horses flies across the golden patches of afternoon sun on the moorland grass. That's the time for deer and the spectacled bear to come out in search of their favorite delicacy. The King of the Andes, the condor, is quietly scanning its territory. A place of freedom and peace, a place to find yourself And forget the rest of the world.

At the end of the day you can enjoy a hearty campfire meal, fresh caught trout from one of the many streams or if you stay at the ranch. 
The beginner or the expert rider will feel comfortable. Whether you choose a small easy going excursion or days of strenuous horse trekking, there is something for everybody's taste and physical condition. Yanahurco offers the best highland horses and saddles (100 riding horses and 200 wild horses). The local guides have lived and worked here for generations

Fly Fishing or spinning

Rainbow, brown or brook trout. Many of our streams and rivers start their long journey to the amazon jungle, right here in the hacienda. Once they leave the hills of the highlands, they struggle and force their way ever stronger, through gorges and valleys so remote, that they will stay untouched forever.
Whether you are walking up one of the brooks by yourself or you take a guided tour to the lake, at almost 13.000ft a.s.l., the word is plentiful. There are so many virgin spots, so many untouched pools, that the day will not be long enough. We have caught up to fifty trout per hour. Sometimes they are just playful and it takes the light hand and wit of an experienced angler to hook the fish. Sometimes you have to be bold and fast as several trout are after the same fly.

You can keep what you want to eat the same day, the rest is " catch and release". Nature is pure, no overload of anglers, no tired fish.

At the end of a great fishing day you can enjoy the fresh caught trout and the hearty cuisine of a back country camp or if you are at the ranch. 



There are 7 guest rooms in a ranch style building with single, double or triple accommodations, according to your need. Each room with full bath, hot water, fireplace or heating unit, so that you can rest in total comfort. Yanahurco has its own electrical generator.

The Campsite

The campsite includes the following: a large hut (5x5m) with grill and space for barbecues and a half bathroom. Electricity services at night, from 18:00 to 23:00.

The Blue house

For those trekking enthusiasts who do not wish to put up tent the hacienda offers the ¨blue house¨ with three bedrooms with complete bathroom and hot water for 14 persons.


  • Museum: The Ranch has a little museum where you can admire a few of the most important wild animals and plants.
  • Private radio communication to Quito. 
  • The Ranch has first-aid equipment.
  • Complementary CoffeeGift Shop
  • A-V Equipment Rental
  • Room Service
  • Multi-lingual Staff
  • Jogging Track
  • Game Room
  • Fishing
  • Horseback
  • Riding
  • Bicycling
  • Full board meals
  • Soft drinks and bar
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Support crew
  • Other support means such as horses, tents, etc.

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Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador