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Hotel Cotopaxi Pungo

As soon as you step on Cotopaxi Pungo, its strategic location allows tourists to observe Cotopaxi at its best; just like being on the door entering Cotopaxi. Besides from Cotopaxi visitors will be able to watch other beautiful mountains and volcanoes such as Sincholagua, Antisana, Antisanilla, Pasochoa, Guagua Pichincha, Rucu Pichincha, FuyaFuya and even more! At Cotopaxi Pungo you will never feel homesick or get bored guaranteed due to the following qualities: warm hospitality, delicious traditional cuisine, attractive old style infrastructure, excursions, horseback riding and more.
Once you are in your assigned bedroom you will see that the bedrooms are very comfortable and big. For matrimonial suites, there are king size beds and for double suites there are queen size beds, with cozy and orthopedic mattresses to guarantee you a good night. Big windows are displayed in the bedrooms; all windows ensure a great view to the Cotopaxi. Besides from the windows with great view, all bedrooms have either a balcony or a terrace once again to enjoy the great views.
A great variety of food is offered in the menu; appetizers, soups, meats, fish, desserts, wines and more. Besides if you are tired of waiting in the restaurants while your food is getting served you can join the cooking team. After you have chosen your food, you can go to the open kitchen at the restaurant and cook your food along with the chef or you could watch how your food is being prepared. As soon as your food is served you can eat while you enjoy the view of the mountains and Cotopaxi.
At Cotopaxi Pungo, you can do horseback riding. These rides vary from 1:30 hour to 3:30 hours, while you ride these horses you will experience the beauty of nature and as you keep riding you will pass through mountains and waterfalls. Besides if you choose to take the long ride you will go through many beautiful waterfalls and some of these waterfalls will be very big and will amaze you. Twice in a year (May & September); tourists can enjoy the Chagra festival. The Chagra Festival consists when natives of the town decide to ride for more than 4 hours through the volcano avenue wearing customs their ancestors used. Their trail passes through the hotel since Cotopaxi Pungo is located at the volcano avenue. You can enjoy this festival and you can even ride a horse along with all the people. 

Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador