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La Casa del Suizo nature lodge

La Casa del Suizo is a tranquil Amazonian refuge located on the shore of Ecuador's majestic Napo River and a stone's throw away from the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. Perched comfortably above the riverbank and the small Quichua Indian village of Ahuano, La Casa del Suizo overlooks vast expanses of the surrounding tropical rainforest.

La Casa del Suizo is accessible by road and river, beginning in Ecuador`s capital city, Quito. During the drive down the mountain, in one morning, the scenery magically transforms from the Andes snow-covered peaks into the lush rainforest of the Amazon. At the end of the road, in the town of Punta Ahuano, a canoe awaits for a 15- minute trip down the Napo River to your final destination.

You can also fly from Quito to the Tena airport (25 minutes) and form here it is a 30 minute drive plus a 15- minute canoe trip down the Napo River to the lodge.

Here one can enjoy the natural wonders of a 300-hectare (750-acre) private reserve, as well as the cultural treasures of the the cultural treasures of Ahuano, located within walking distance. And with all the comforts of home!

This jungle lodge is one of the most luxurious, least rustic lodges in Ecuador’s Amazon. The hotel began as just a lodging house in 1985 and slowly expanded over time to the luxury hotel it is now.

The rainforest surrounding the lodge is primary forest.


Each morning our guests may trek, paddle and swing through the lush, primary rainforest which surrounds the Lodge. The native guides posses vast knowledge of the diverse local fauna and flora, as well as the medicinal uses of many plants.

A variety of activities are available: One of our hikes ends with a balsa raft adventure down the Napo river and back to the Hotel. Our guests may also visit a local Quichua Village, where one can watch amazing blowpipe demonstrations and the preparation of chicha, a local alcoholic beverage.

Most outings end at noon and guests are brought back to the hotel for lunch. However, for those activities that last all day box lunches will be provided.



Each of our comfortable rooms offers 24-hour electricity, private bathroom facilities with hot water, a refreshing ceiling fan and an exquisite view that may be peacefully absorbed from the privacy of one's own terrace.


With a magnificent panorama of the Napo visitors may enjoy our swimming pool, outdoor dining area and pool bar, which offers an array of delicious tropical drinks. The hotel's dining rooms offer a wide variety of both Ecuadorian and international dishes, and our buffets cater to vegetarians. International telephone service is conveniently available in our reception area.

Our facilities are child friendly making the Casa del Suizo the best option for families visiting the Amazon rainforest

Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador