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Luna Runtun country inn

Luna Runtun adventure spa

Luna Runtun´s 310 acres of unspoilt Andean forest is located in the oriental flank of the active Tungurahua Volcano (5.016m); 400m above the charming town of Baños, gateway to the Amazon Rainforest, surrounded by Sangay, declared World Natural Heritage Site, and Llanganates National Parks. Spectacular views !
Enjoy 25 adventure activities and birdwatching programs; 25 SPA treatments, 4 pools & jacuzzi with hot volcanic water, Runtun Restaurant, Café del Cielo, unique rooms and Romantic Suites with spectacular views.
Our Adventure & SPA programs are the perfect compliment to your trip to Galápagos or Quito.

Swiss managed and consistently rated amongst the best hotels in Ecuador, a stay at Luna Runtun is a guarantee that your trip to Ecuador will be a once in a lifetime experience.

The surrounding area where Luna Runtun is located is considered a magnetic vortex, a unique place where the planet's 4 essential life elements - Air, Earth, Water, and Fire - are found.

  • Air: Luna Runtun is situated in the gateway to the Amazon Rainforest, the Earth's respiratory system.
  • Earth: Nestled on the flanks of Volcano Tungurahua, Luna Runtun has been generously blessed with some of the planet's most fertile and fruitbearing earth.
  • Water: Volcano Tungurahua, Luna Runtun's astonishingly beautiful backdrop, is home to 70 crystal-clear waterfalls.
  • Fire: Constantly active since October 1999, Tungurahua showers the skies with her spectacular shows of fire and lava, allowing our visitors to partake in one of the world's most impressive natural fireworks displays from the safety of our spa.

Travel to Baños, Ecuador today and explore the wonders and beauty of this truly unique part of the world. The staff at Luna Runtun Adventure Spa will be here to welcome you!


Luna Runtun has designed a complete program of explorations, with the purpose of providing intimate contact with the marvels of Sangay National Park and The Pastaza Corridor, a Gift to the Earth (WWF), and the surrounding countryside. The guests will be able to choose from 5 explorations available each day. There is a total of 25  explorations in all. Each exploration is classified according to its duration and physical requirements.
Hiking tours

We have 11 different Baños hiking tours and treksfor you to choose from, ranging in difficultly levels of easy to difficult.

  • La Cascada del Pailón del Diablo: EASY
  • The Inca trail of Huayna Capac: EASY
  • "La Vía de los Contrabandistas" Hike: MEDIUM
  • The Inca Trail of Huayna Capac: MEDIUM
  • Hike to The Valley of the Butterflies: MEDIUM
  • Hike to the 2 Hanging Bridges: MODERATE - MEDIUM
  • Hike to the Princess Pacha waterfall: MODERATE - MEDIUM
  • Hike to El Sendero de los Dioses:DIFFICULT
  • Hike to The "Ojos del Volcán": DIFFICULT
  • Hike to The Top of the World: DIFFICULT
  • Hike to El Refugio del Volcán Tungurahua: DIFFICULT

Short visits to the Amazon basin

  • Route of Orchids, Waterfalls, and Guayabas - EASY
  • White water rafting
  • Rafting on a river located in the Amazon basin - EASY
  • Canyoning
  • Waterfall rapeling - EASY - we descend one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Pastaza Corridor. Enjoy a 310-meter ride downhill surrounded by majestic views and outstanding scenery.

Mountain biking

We have 5 Ecuador biking adventures to choose from:

  • The King of the Wood - flat and down - EASY
  • Route of Tunguruhua Volcano - downhill (Luna Runtun - Baños) - EASY
  • The secrets of Tungurahua Volcano - MEDIUM
  • Route of the Orchids, Waterfalls, and Guayabas - Full day MEDIUM
  • Downhill - (Ventanas - Luna Runtun - Baños) DIFFICULT Short half -day downhill, 800 meters (2624 feet) of downhill.

Horseback riding

Discover the beauty of the surrounding areas; majestic mountains, breathtaking valleys, unique flora and fauna, and much more.
Other tours to nearby attraction

  • Animal and Handicraft Markets - on Monday and Thursday only- EASY
  • The Priest and the Witch - Half day  An original city tour which starts with a hike from Luna Runtun to the city of Baños. Visit the Cathedral, a 1920s gothic construction, Museum of the Virgin of the Holy Water, meet the famous sugar cane candy makers and taste the delicious "Melcocha", visit the tagua ("vegetable ivory") and balsa wood handicraft makers, art galleries, handicraft shops, and, afterwards, the Saint Martin Canyon. Great shopping opportunities.
  • La Nariz del Diablo (on Wednesday and Sunday only) - Full day Devil's Nose train ride.
  • Spa Treatments

After enjoying our daily Ecuador adventure tours, relax your body and soul in our beautiful garden and SPA, hand painted with colorful mineral pigments representing orchids of the area and the 4 elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Luna Runtun uses fresh and natural medicinal plants, fruits, and vegetables produced in our 63-acre garden for their natural healing properties as well as using ASHES AND VOLCANIC STONES from the active Volcano Tungurahua.
Body Treatment

  • Volcanic ash and salt exfoliation
  • Honey exfoliation
  • Hot clay bath
  • Hot hydrating bath
  • Steam bath with cold water contrast treatment
  • Nettle treatments

Massage Treatment

  • Full body massage
  • Reiky
  • Back Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Foot Massage
  • Stimulation Massage: For children over six months old.
  • Skin Care Treatments
  • Facials for dry skin
  • Facials for oily skin
  • Anti-wrinkle facials

Hair Care Treatment

  • Capillar treatment for dry hair
  • Capillar treatment for oily hair

Manicures & Pedicures Treatments
Body Waxing Treatments

Additional Spa facilities:

  • Carpet of volcanic stone
  • Sauna



Ideal for special events: Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Marriage Proposals, Honeymoon and Romantic Getaways.

New Romantic Rooms:

  • with fireplace and terrace

New Romantic Suites:

  • 72m2 and 82 m2

1 king size bed, jacuzzi, fireplace or tantra chair and private terrace with view to the National Park Llanganates.

Volcanic Romantic Suite:

  • 82 m2, 1 king size bed, fireplace, living room, private terrace with jacuzzi, 2 lazy chairs, additional outdoor shower and 1 table with 2 chairs.

View to Tungurahua Volcano and Llanganates National Park.

Yoga Suite:

70 m2, 1 room of 45 m2 with 1 king size bed + private bathroom + 1 terrace of 25 m2 with jacuzzi, outdoor shower, 2 lazy chairs + 1 table with 2 chairs.  View to the National Park Llanganates.

Main Offices Address: Av. Gral. Rumiñahui , San Rafael                                                                                                           Quito - Ecuador