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Napo Wildlife Center

In addition to being the best wildlife lodge in the Amazon of Ecuador, the Napo Wildlife Center is the finest example of community-based ecotourism in the country and actively protects 82 square miles of prisitne rainforest in its private reserve, based on a true conservation partnership with the local community. The Napo Wildlife Center is the only lodge on the south bank of the Napo river, which harbors 30% more bird and animal species than the north bank.

Napo Wildife Center Jaguar spotting video

This video was filmed at the Amazon lodge Napo Wildlife Center, located within Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. This is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet and offers unique fauna viewing oportunities: Parrot leks, Caiman spotting, birdwatching vantage points and much more. 

In this video we find the elusive Jaguar in all it majesty, the video was taken from a viewing area across the river where both passengers and animal where safe. The distance guests were from this beautiful cat was only 10 mts. 

Enjoy and share this natural experience. We hope you can visit Napo Wildlife Center sometime soon.

Napo wildlife Center photo gallery

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